Tikwo tì (Brown Water Lake)

The location is on the portage between southend of Tikwo tì (Brown Water Lake) and Weyedii tì. Find portage on Maps.

The hill in the background is called Woyi hàkè. There is a long story of the creature that lived in the hill, who has been chased out to hills further east. 

The group were on a ancestral trail to Mesa Lake on the Barrenlands. See article by Kassina Ryder, Northern News Services, published Monday, August 25, 2014.

The people in the photo above are:
From left back row: Mary Adele Wetrade, Skye Ekendia, Janelle Nitsiza, Roy Judas, Ryan Chocolate, Jasmine Wetrade, Archie Wetrade, Edward Chocolate and Petter Jacobsen.
From front  left: Dene Daniels, Shawn Gon, William Mantla, Hunter Mantla, William Junior Mantla, Jerry Lazare Zoe, Joe Lazare Zoe, Archie Black and John B.Zoe.