Dogrib Agreement-In-Principle initialled in Gamètì

On August 9, 1999 the first combine land claim and self government Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) in the northwest Territories was initialed at the 8th Annual Assembly in Gamètì.  

The Agreement-in-Principle is a milestone, it represents the fulfillment of a Resolution made  the Dogrib General Assembly back in 12992.  It was with the support and patience of the Elders and the rest of the community that Dogrib negotiators were able to complete this work. Now it is up the Dogrib people to send us forward toward a final Agreement, " said John B. Zoe, Chief Negotiator for the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council. 
Image below is the resolution approving the AIP as the basis for the negotiation of the Dogrib Final Agreement.